My weekend

On my weekend i changed Saturday and Sunday to Katerday and Punday.Other then that my weekend has been pretty boring.

My holidays

On my holidays I’m going to see Disney On Ice. Then I will probably do something with my step mum and little sister


We have been learning a lot about poems. For example we have done Limericks, Cinquains, Acrostics, Haikus and Diamantes.Limericks are  funny poem of five lines with a pattern of AABBA.Cinquain poems are a five line poem with a word count of 12341.In an Acrostic  poem the first letter spells a word and they go down letter by letter.Haiku poems are a 17 syllable non rhyming poem.Diamantes is a poem with a structure of one noun, two adjetives, three ing verbs, four nouns ( two about line 1 and two about line 7), three ing verbs for line 7, two adjetives for line 7 and a noun opposite of line one.  example


                                                                                                 bossy, kind

                                                                                         annoying, confusing, playing

                                                                                      helpful loving      awesome amazing

                                                                                          helping, protecting, working

                                                                                                     wise busy


My Dream Jobs

  1. Mythologist. When I’m older I would LOVE to be a mythologist so I can study ALL the myths in the world.
  2. Vet. I just LOVE animals so when I grow up I would like to help all the sick animals.

My goals

My maths goal is to work on working out subtraction questions

My reading goal is to re read the text so it makes sense when I read a book

My writing goal is to use more persuasive vocabulary

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At Teegens mums party

On Saturday I went to Teegans house to celebrate her mums birthday & she turned 40 and Teegans invited her cousins and a few friends.

My 9th birthday on Sunday

On Sunday I turned nine and I got quite a few presents I got a monsterhigh book,two jumpsuits,a zip up teeshirt,a frozen activity pack,an owl,a teeshirt,mnm bucket,a scooter, 3 how to train your dragon books and a pendo pad 7.

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